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The Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku (HKD), meaning the Hachinohe Factory University, was founded in 2013 as an art project to reshape impressions held about the numerous factories that Hachinohe is home to from a new and multifaceted point of view. The factories of Hachinohe are very much economic pillars of support for the community; they are facilities that have fostered its growth and development. But, in our opinion, they are also worthy of praise outside of their economic utility for the community. From the start of this project to this very day, the HKD has striven to expose the public to the beauty that can be found in these factories, as they are facilities to be celebrated for their cultural, scenic, aesthetic, and creative worth in their own right. And it is this worth and beauty that we strive to express through art by connecting with and being run by the very people, industries, artists, and local government of our city. 


The shining lights of the factory in the dark night, a history that has walked hand-in-hand with the port of our city, Life, Development, Industry: The Factories of Hachinohe 


Discover through art the power and beauty exemplified in the very factories passed by unnoticed in our daily lives.


Hachinohe is an Industrial City; Hachinohe is a City of Factories 


The industrial creation and production brought forth by our city’s factories is the pride and strength of Hachinohe.  

Just like an actual university, HKD utilizes a curriculum, and it is one composed of three main programs: 


Learn: Lectures & Workshops  

HKD invites a variety of artists and professionals from all sorts of different industries to come and talk about factories as they work to reshape the very ideas we have about factories from a cultural point of view. 


See: Field Trips 

After listening and learning about factories from the lecturers, we invite student to attend field trips to the factories lectured about and experience first-hand their inner workings. 


Create: After-School Clubs

Working with the factories themselves, the HKD and its students design, set up, and hold various art projects as an accumulation of their learning at HKD. 



There are many factories in Hachinohe, such as the paper mill and metal refining factories that operate to support our livelihood. These factories require a number of other factories to sustain their operations.

This year at Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku (HKD), we will be focusing on the theme, “Factories Supporting Factories”, introducing the power plants that supply energy to our local factories, the manufacturing equipment that controls the production lines, maintenance operation factories, and much more. 

Furthermore, various programs will be held, such as an experimental Open Campus Lecture that anyone can attend, an art project themed around the Giant Smokestack in Hachinohe, an event that focuses on the aesthetics of the factory’s industrial parts, and a factory themed tanka poem workshop. These programs will allow you to fully enjoy the presence of Hachinohe’s iconic industrial zone, so we hope you’re looking forward to it!


Open Campus  - Public Lecture -

Open Campus  - Public Lecture “Three Coastal Factories”-

July 25(Wed.) 2018 , 19:00~21:00

This is a course you can’t miss if you want to learn more about HKD! This summer, the Open Campus Lecture will be available for anyone to attend.

Please feel free to drop by!

Lecturer: JX Nippon LNG Services Company,Lmited, Tohoku Electric Power Co. Hachinohe Thermal Power Station, Pacific Metals Co. LTD. 

Total Participants: 80 people (First come, first served by registration basis)

Target Audience: Anyone is welcome to attend

Location: Hachinohe Portal Museum “Hacchi”, Hacchi Hiroba Floor 1

Time & Date: July 25, 2018 (Wed.), 19:00~21:00

Registration: By phone, e-mail, or fax

Contact: City of Hachinohe, City Development and Cultural Promotions Department, Cultural Promotions Section

The HKD Curriculum: Factories Supporting Factories  - 2018 -


​Contents, Lecture


November 14, Wed, 

19: 00 - 21: 00​

  • Orientation

  • Understanding the Factories (1) 

  • What kind of work goes into supporting the factories?Lecturer: TAKAHASHI SEISAKUSYO INC.


December 12, Wed ,

19: 00 - 21: 00

  • Enjoying the Factories (1) 

  • Creating tanka poems about the industrial zone

      Lecturer: Mr. Toru Kidachi


January 9  Wed,

19: 00 - 21: 00

  • Understanding the Factories (2)

  • A Look at the World of Precision Instruments

  • Enjoying the Factories (2)

  • Appreciation of the Factory’s Industrial Parts and its Aesthetics

      Lecturer: Tamagawa Seiki Co,Ltd.​

​Field Work

​September - October

  • Factory tour.

After-School Club & their Yearly Events - 2018 - 

The Arts & Crafts Club

The Craft Fair in Hachinohe Potal Museum "Hacchi"

November 23 (Fri.) - 25 (Sun.) 2018

We will be exhibiting handmade, factiry-themed goods during the Craft Fair in Hachinone Potal Museum "Hacchi"!We invite you to come and make original handmade items,or t help with the set-up and management the craft fair of shops.

Field Work : More details on Extracurricular Activities 

Nango Factory Walk *organized in collaboration with the Nango Art Project

November 3(Sat.), 2018

Time: 13:00~ 15:30 *cancelled in the event of rainy weather, please check the website for updates before 12:00

Location: Yomasari Dam Administrative Building (Kuzure-mukai, Shimamori, Nango, Hachinohe City)

Take a walk around the Nango Industrial area! Our knowledgeable tour guides will show you the wonders of Nango’s historical industries, and take you to see the best views of Nango’s fall foliage.

Guide: Mr. Furudate Koji (History Enthusiast)

Fee: No Participation Fee

        (however, a 50 yen insurance fee will be collected the day of event)

Participants: Maximum 20 people (prior reservation required)

Contents: Yomasari Dam, (former) Shimamori Hydroelectric power generator tour

Reservation details:

Please contact Hachinohe City Development and Cultural Promotions Section

Nango's Mini Art Festival*as part of Nango Art Project

October 20 (Sat.)~ November 11 (Sun.), 2018 

Location: Various locations in Aomori Prefecture’s Hachinohe City, Nango Region

Description: Since 2011, Hachinohe City’s Nango region has been organizing the “Nango Art Project” aimed to rediscover the region’s charm through the lens of art. The projects feature performance, exhibitions, workshops, and tours that work to highlight the local history, nature, and people. 


Nango’s Mini Art Festival Website >>

After-School Club ( Art Project ) 

Goodbye, Our Beloved Giant Smokestack

August 17(Fri.),18(Sat.) 2018 at 19:00-20:30,

Since this year is the 60th anniversary since beginning collaborations with the Tohoku Electric Power Co. and in commemoration of the establishment of Tohoku region’s first Thermal Power Generator, this art project will be a way for us to say “Thank you, and Goodbye” and to create a beautiful lasting memory of the smokestack before it is demolished. 


Dates: August 17(Fri.) 2018 at 19:00-20:30, Public Opening & Test Cycling

August 18(Sat.) 2018 at 19:00-20:30, Cycling Event

Location: Tohoku Electric Power Co. Hachinohe Thermal Power Station Grounds

(1-1, Uheekawara, Kawaragi)

Admission Details: No reservation or admission fees required

Event will be cancelled in the event of stormy weather

*Please be at the location 30 minutes prior to the start of the event


​Lecturer & Factories Profile

JX Nippon LNG Service Company,Limite
Founded in 2012, JX Nippon LNG Service Company Limited is the company managing Hachinohe’s LNG Terminal. LNG (or liquefied natural gas) is imported from overseas, stored in tanks and then shipped. After the LNG has become vaporized, the products are sent through gas pipes to supply the city’s power plants and the factories of gas companies.
Tohoku Electric Power Co. Hachinohe
Tohoku Electric Power Company established this factory as its first thermal power generator in 1958, and will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year since beginning factory operations. At first, the primary source of fuel was coal, then petroleum, and starting from 2015, the factory uses LNG fuel.
Pacific Metals Co. LTD.
Pacific Metals Co. is known for being the nation’s number one supplier of ferronickel, the main raw material in stainless steel products such as forks and knives. Stainless steel is a heat resistant and acid resistant material, and it used for creating important products that allow us to have convenient and colorful daily lives.
Established in 1946, TAKAHASHI SEISAKUSYO INC. specializes in manufacturing transportation equipment and machinery, and steel constructions. Each product is made to order. TAKAHASHI SEISAKUSYO INC. consistently oversees all aspects of design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, and the company is working hard to support the growth of Hachinohe’s vital industrial area.
Mr. Toru Kidachi
Born in Hachinohe City in 1956, Mr. Kidachi is the representative from the Tanka Group, “Kibonokai”. For two consecutive years since 2002, Mr. Kidachi has won first place in the National Tanka Competition. As for other competitions, he has won multiple awards as well. Since 2014, Mr. Kidachi has been the chairman of the Kitaōu Tanka Association.
Tamagawa Seiki Co.
In the greater city limits, there are 5 factories. The Hachinohe office oversees projects from research and development to the final production of precision instruments such as sensors and motors. These products are installed in bullet trains, automobiles and factory machines, and they are crucial to the smooth operation of our daily lives and our factory’s machineries.

Members of Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku 

Yukio Ogata
HKD University President, Founder of Hachinohe Industrial Photography Club, Editor for the Hachinohe Economics and Business Newspaper

“We will be bringing in many distinguished lecturers to teach at HKD this year. Whether it’s through the lectures, art projects, or extracurricular activities, I hope we will all be able to learn about the charm of Hachinohe’s industrial scenery and share it with our community.”
Takuji Kikuchi
HKD Advisor and Creator

“This year’s art projects are in collaboration between the factories and our lecturers. Let’s learn about the industrial area and enjoy our time together. Hachinohe’s factories are spectacular, unique, and incredibly beautiful.”
If you like factories and art, if you hope to be a well-informed about factories, if you work in a factory, if you love the stars and the sky, if you recently moved to Hachinohe and/or if you wish to make new friends, please come participate in our lectures! Our participants are people from all walks of life. We look forward to your application!

​Event (Art Project)

Goodbye, Our Beloved Giant Smokestack.

HKD 2018 Art Project with Tohoku Electric Power Co.,

Hachinohe Thermal Power Station 

August 17(Fri.) 2018 at 19:00-20:30, Public Opening & Test Cycling

August 18(Sat.) 2018 at 19:00-20:30, Cycling Event

Location: Tohoku Electric Power Co. Hachinohe Thermal Power Station Grounds(1-1, Uheekawara, Kawaragi)

Hachinohe’s industrial zone is located on the coastal area, with a concentration of many large scale factories. Amongst the industrial plants and tanks lining the scenery, there is one smokestack that is particularly eye-catching. Standing at 120 meters tall, the smokestack is Tohoku Electric Power Company’s third smokestack. Once the city’s tallest structure, this smokestack has long become the symbol of the industrial zone. However, in 2016, the smokestack accomplished the tasks for which it was created for and is set to be demolished soon.

In order to focus on the power stations that have sustained our factories and our livelihoods, Hachinohe Kojyo Daigaku will organize an art event. The event will have participants pedal on stationary bicycles that will power the lights on the smokestack.


Since this year is the 60th anniversary since beginning collaborations with the Tohoku Electric Power Co. and in commemoration of the establishment of Tohoku region’s first Thermal Power Station, this art project will be a way for us to say “Thank you, and Goodbye” and to create a beautiful lasting memory of the smokestack before it is demolished. 


We hope this event will share the power and the charm of the factories, and the pride of Hachinohe, with many people. 

​Event Overview

Dates: August 17, 2018 (Fri.) at 19:00-20:30, Public Opening & Test Cycling

August 18, 2018 (Sat.) at 19:00-20:30, Cycling Event

Location: Tohoku Electric Power Co. Hachinohe Thermal Power Station Grounds

(1-1, Uheekawara, Kawaragi)

Admission Details: No reservation or admission fees required

Event will be cancelled in the event of stormy weather

*Please be at the location 30 minutes prior to the start of the event

Event Details: 

  1. Become an electricity generator operator for a day! This is an exclusive event featuring the “Electric Generator Number 6”, powered by the strength of humans. We will take turns riding the bike in order to generate electricity.

  2. The stored electricity from the bikes will then be used to light up the smokestack

  3. Appreciate the scenery of the Smokestack!

  *The entire event will be held repeating these steps

Observasiton Event 

Hachinohe’s Thermal Power Station Observation

(in Celebration of Tohoku Electric Company’s 60 Anniversary of operation)

Date/Time: August 18, 2018 (Sat.) at 9:30, 11:00, 13:00, 14:30

Location: Tohoku Electric Power Company, Hachinohe, Thermal Power Station

Admission Details: Maximum 50 people, preregistration required

Register with the Tohoku Electric Company, Hachinohe Branch, Thermal Power Plant

Talk Event 

Tagawa-shi coal,history 

Museum :

Tagawa-shi coal,history 

Museum is the “Yamamoto Sakubei Collection” (a coal miner’s diary and drawings), which is registered with UNESCO the Memory of the World Register.

Talk Event (Longing for the Great Smokestack)

Date: August 18(Sat.) 2018 at16:00~17:30


This talk will be exploring the role of the smokestack in Hachinohe, which will soon to be demolished. What is it that attracts us to the smokestack? We will be exploring topics that smokestack fanatics will love. Our special guest is Mr. Hiroshi Fukumoto, from Fukuoka Prefecture’s Tagawa City, and he currently works are the Tagawa-shi coal, History Museum as an Archaeology Specialist. Tagawa City is also known for the famous Double Smokestacks featured in the song, “Coal Miner’s Song (Tanko Bushi)”.

Location: Hachinohe Thermal Power Station Service Building, 1st Floor PR Hall

Admission: Free admission, maximum 50 participants, pre-registration required

Registration: Please contact the Hachinohe City Development and Culture Promotions Section

Guest: Mr. Hiroshi Fukumoto (Tagawa City Coal Mining Historical Museum), Tohoku Electric Company’s Hachinohe Thermal Power Station, Takuji Kikuchi (HKD’s Advisor and Event Designer)


​Photo Gallery


八戸工場大学 Photo Gallery